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Saadiquah painted to a very detailed shaded dark chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. The front support leg received a small crack to the wire in shipping but has been perfectly repaired.  This is a limited edition traditional sized arab mare sculpted by Sarah Miniciwicz-Bruenig. Beautiful. $850 Photo Coming Soon!
Dozen Roses painted to a golden champagne. This guy has all of the champagne characteristics.....Mottling, green eyes and pink skin showing through areas, etc... This guy is incredibly flashy! $400 chdoz.JPG (30045 bytes)
 Breyer Wixom repainted to a well shaded and detailed bay roan. Something different for that drafter class. $115 Photo Coming Soon!
Augustus resin repainted to a dappled palomino. Mane and tail were resculpted. Very nice work. Resin sculpted by Darian Buckles. Light blue ribbon in his forelock. $95 augustus.JPG (26452 bytes)
North Light Cob repainted to a dapple buckskin. Super color on a great english performance horse. $115 cob.JPG (24771 bytes)
Horsing Around Asombroso sculpted by Linda York. Painted to a very classy rose dapple grey. Lots of layers of color give this guy an incredible amount of depth. $275 asom.JPG (30854 bytes)
Breyer new ASB repainted to a dark dapple bay tobiano. This is a great sculpture by Kathy Moody...the rich reddish bay coloring really shows him off. $135 Photo Coming 

Price does not include postage/insurance.

I also do custom repainting!

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