Saadiquah was sculpted by the very talented Sarah Minkiewicz.....Seven of this edition were painted by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner.

Red Chestnut owned by Michelle Akers

chestsad.JPG (221434 bytes)

Light Rose Dapple Grey owned by Ruth Lenz

rosesad.JPG (198512 bytes)

Dark Dapple Bay owned by Tracie Caller

baysad.JPG (146715 bytes)

Dark Liver Chestnut owned by Carrie Sapp

Dapple Carmel Silver Dapple owned by Diana Patterson

caramelsad.JPG (270436 bytes)

Dark Dapple Grey 

Light Grey or pinto....still not sure which color to paint..will be on ebay so watch for her

Coming Soon!!


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